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"The core vision of XtractECO is to flourish into being a solution provider that simplifies the technology, builds smarter devices without compromising on the environmental impact that these products have. The key focus is on utilizing the abundantly available renewable resource to develop a cleaner, greener and smarter product for the future. Its high time that we help to build solutions which will help humanity survive the next 100 generations on this bountiful earth at a reasonable cost. With our extensive expertise in engineering, we look to simplify humanity’s existence using eco-friendly and sustainable products and processes."


XtractECO is driven by the motto to pioneer in the field of energy solutions, automotive systems, and autonomous systems. The organization provides engineering solutions right from concept design to product launch including product validation (virtual testing and physical testing), prototyping and production support. We strive to make technology much simpler so that it helps in spreading the knowledge. We are a group of young enthusiasts looking to build a better future with smart technology and renewable energy. We are forward thinking people who believe that eco-friendly solutions are the future. And we should invest heavily in such a sustainable future. We believe we can achieve everything we set our heart to, with the right set of expertise and approach.


XtractECO is an engineering solution provider currently headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our focus areas are Engineering services, CAD services, CAE services, Energy Solutions, Research and development on eco-friendly products and Research and development on smart products.

Although we are a young company, conceptualized and realized in 2018, we come with vast experience in research and development. We bring with us expertise in services like CAD and CAE. Not just that, XtractECO has been involved in various training programmes as well. We strive to provide quality solutions and believe in achieving it by simplifying the technology. The right knowledge will only take this uncertain world through its energy crisis of the future. That’s why at XtractECO, we train young minds how to put eco-friendliness before everything.  

XtractECO specializes in catering to its client’s needs in an innovative way of providing engineering services and solutions across a huge range of engineering segments.  

We are an end-to-end solution provider. At XtractECO, you will be a part of the entire lifecycle of a product. The invigorating process starts with conceptualizing a design. One will see the seed of an innovative idea grow into a real product as we begin to shape and flesh out a novel idea into a market-ready product. This is closely followed by prototyping the final design and then eventually jumping into production.  

Our services are highly flexible. At XtractECO, we understand that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we offer flexible business models tailored to suit varying customer needs.  

Our services don’t just end there. We support in product testing, product validation (virtual testing and physical testing), prototyping and provide production support as well. Our immense experience in supply chain management, project management (from ideation to project closure) and automation systems will only help you grow your business from strength to strength. So, XtractECO is your one-stop solution to all your engineering woes.


Abhishek Ramanjaneya

CEO and Founder

Kartik Bhadti

Director, Engineering

Kiran Srinivasaraghavan

Managing Director, Operations 

Dr. SantoshKumar D Bhat

Technical Advisor, Senior Scientist

Shashidhar N


Madhukumar V

Technical Advisor

Why XtractECO?

1. A highly driven team working together to achieve a focused goal.
2. Provides end-to-end solutions, that is, from concept design to product launch.
3. XtractECO undertakes the responsibility of conceptualizing, prototyping and validating the product – this avoids miscommunication or delays in delivery as only one party is involved and responsible for the entire deliverable lifecycle of the product.
4. Ensured high-quality deliverables.
5. Team of experts working in their respective domains.
6. Continuous Research & development to develop highly sustainable products.
7. Dedicated team focusing on developing smart products.
8. Cleaner environment leads to cleaner conscience.
9. We train people with the aim of making them equally responsible for the environment, as we are.
10. Our impeccable expertise in multiple parallels of engineering positions us as one of few companies in eco-friendly enterprise operations. 

Electric Bike

With prices of petrol and diesel skyrocketing electric bike is our only possible way into a sustainable future. Our team in XtractECO has put in intensive research and effort to develop a sleek, stylish and green electric bike. Now with every mile that you travel, your smile will only grow wider for the green footprint that you are leaving behind.
The key features of our e-bike include its impressive single charge mileage, efficiency, digital speedometer, and tubeless tire. Innovation has lead us to provide you with two variants in the battery that powers the beast, the Lead acid battery and the Li-ion battery. These batteries come with a long life.
We have also ensured your safety by integrating these bikes with the front disc braking system and front telescopic suspension to make your ride a comfortable one. Our e-bikes even come with a motor locking system integrated with an anti-theft alarm. With our e-bike, your rides will now be pollution-free, noise-free and guilt-free.

Disaster response Robot

At XtractECO we are driven to develop smart products that are not just efficient and simplify technology but are also eco-friendly. The result of one such experiment is our very own ‘Disaster Response Robot.’ When disaster strikes, it does not wait for the superhero to come save the innocent lives at stake. We believe that a disaster response robot is a safe bet for a safer future. Deprived of any emotions and highly driven by artificial intelligence, these humanoids can outperform an experienced rescue team with the blink of an eye. It’s always an advantage to have a versatile and an adaptive robot. Adding a multimodal locomotive capability only adds to its superpowers.
Disaster response robots are primarily used for preventing the outspread of a disaster and the damage it causes during an emergency. Although they are designed to be reactive towards natural calamities, these robots can also be used under man-made disasters. Built to be strong and agile, we are also looking at making this gentle beast to be water-proof too. This way, none of your rescue operations will ever be rained upon(literally!).
Our research and development team is constantly working on bettering the performance of the robot by extending its multimodal movement capabilities to three-dimensional movement such as climbing the stairs or ladders, walking over pipes or through narrow lanes and being able to move over rough terrain or a patch of land scattered with debris.
Our main challenge lies in adding an emotional quality to the robot, for it to be able to sense danger or pain and act upon it without sympathizing with the victim. Sized at its minimal best, our robot uses wireless communication for human intervention/interaction adding visual assistance through the inbuilt camera infrared light projector. The body of the robot is spillproof and dustproof. Works are in progress to make it work in a more extreme condition, i.e., in extreme climates.

Smart Agri process monitoring System

Another Bi-product of our innovative research is a smart agricultural process monitoring system. SmartAgri helps the farmers to maximize their yeilds using just minimal available resources. This is mainly achieved by the smart use of technology in conjunction with existing agricultural process.
The fields are deployed with sensors and mapped so that the farmer can monitor his field at a microscopic level and hence improvise on the utilization of the resources. This results in the conservation of resources and has a positive impact on the environment with the lesser usage of fertilizers and pesticides.
We provide a wide range of IoT devices as a part of SmartAgri to monitor the crops. There are optical sensors that use light to measure the soil properties. This sensor measures the different frequencies of light that the field reflects and hence helps farmers and scientists to decide the kind of treatment the field is in need of. There is a wide range of electrochemical sensors that measure the ph and nutrient level of the soil. This ensures that the farmer infuses the right nutrient into the soil to improve its fertility.  
We also develop SmartTools which makes use of GPS to connect the devices to the farmer's phone. With an interactive UI which is primarily logo-based, a farmer can water / de-weed his field which just a click. Be it the GPS powered sprinkler system or a Smart Tool to monitor the leaf health of the crop, the farmer can operate on his yield but just learning how to initiate these SmartAgri tools and rest at peace.

We also serve industry by managing their entire project

What we do?

1. Gather requirements/needs

XtractECO gathers all the needs of the customer. XtractECO concentrates on the functional requirements of the client and suggests alternative ideas if required.

2. Project Documentaton

Documentation is a major part in any part of the industry. XtractECO believes in learning from the documents and also keeps track of the project. XtractECO keeps track and documents every progress of the project.

3. Project Execution

At XtractECO, the passionate and experienced engineers execute the design and also keeps up the required standards.

4. Quality

Quality is the main aspect of every project. At, XtractECO, we do a 3 filter quality check before any project is delivered. 

Training Services

The right knowledge will only take this uncertain world through its energy crisis of the future. That’s why at XtractECO, we train young minds how to put eco-friendliness before everything. We provide training on CAD, CAE services which include but is not limited to benchmarking, literature survey, numerical modeling, creo modeling, drafting, and analysis. We also provide training on energy solutions – on how you can take a simple idea and germinate it into a full-blown product in an efficient and profitable way.

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